Meet Dr. Earl Hammons

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Dr. Hammons was a founding Board Member of Your Turn Ministries in 2004 and has served as an Advisory Board Member for the past five years.
Earl is married to his college sweetheart Tami and has two beautiful daughters, Megan and Morgan. He has pastored churches in Texas and Florida for 9 ½ years. Additionally, Earl was raised on the mission field in Japan from 8 years of age until 15. He has been to 9 countries and has ministered on many mission trips. He has experience leading groups from the United States to see a much larger perspective of God. Earl has a passion to help others create their own “God stories” by becoming “front line” Kingdom Warriors!

The David Boyd Memorial Scholarship

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The financial price of participating in missions is one of the greatest challenges any individual or group will face when planning to serve. Your Turn offers direction in how to raise support for a mission project and then goes the extra mile and to offer a “partnership scholarship”. One of the three purposes of Your Turn Ministries is “To Involve” and we use this avenue to assist in putting people “on mission.”

Each scholarship application is reviewed by our President and the Board of Directors. Scholarships are awarded based on the project, the need, and the availability of funds. You are welcome to request an application by contacting the YTM office at 903.456.3084.

David Boyd - Jamaica 2010

Our Past Schlorship Partners:

Mr. Chad Price Mexico 2005

Miss. Elizabeth Belflower Peru 2005 & 2007

Rev. Chris Otto The Czech Republic & Austria 2007

Mr. Gains Gibson Tanzania 2007

Miss. Lindsey Vaughn Mexico 2007

Miss. Erin Mullins Mexico 2007

Rev. Kyle Walker Mexico 2008

Rev. Rick Sydnor Zambia & Kenya 2009

Rev. Bob Mulima Guatemala 2010 / Uganda 2011

Taylor Mayfield, Rock Haven Bible Camp, 2010 & 2011

Miss. Tracy Neel Dominican Republic 2010


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Fund raisers for short-term trips…Building financial support through the mail.

As with any mission effort, there will no doubt be many in your group who will need to raise support to come. This is something that is often looked upon with as much excitement as having six root canals. But fund raising doesn’t have to be viewed as a chore. Instead, it gives others an opportunity to be involved in the Mission that you are going on. Many of these people can’t go on a Mission trip themselves, but can help you to go. Give them that chance.

Some in your group will feel that they cannot ask anyone to help them go. Be very careful here. This situation may be caused by pride. Satan may be using this as a means to stop you from going with the message of the Gospel. He will do anything to keep you from taking the saving message. If he can stop you before you even go, then he wins in several ways. He stops you from taking the message, and stops those you would have taught before they even hear the message. Don’t let this happen because you are embarrassed to ask for help. Remember, you are not asking for help for yourself, but for help in taking the message of Jesus to the lost.

On the average, $2500 can be raised through well-written letters sent to about 75 people who know you: family members and friends. Someone once told me that they didn’t understand why they had gotten such a small response. I asked them how many letters they sent out and they replied by saying, “I sent 6 letters, but each person I sent them to could have sent me the entire amount I need.” I turned to someone else in the group who had already raised her support and asked her how many letters she sent out. Her reply was 116!
The point here is this, SEND LETTERS TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW. Don’t just send to a few people who you know have money. Send it to everyone. And don’t make the mistake of not sending the letters to people who you know are already involved in other projects. They are the ones with mission hearts! They are more likely than anyone to help you in your efforts for the Master. And as you send the letters, pray, pray, and pray. Ask for God’s blessing on your efforts, and ask for God’s peace. He will bless you beyond belief.